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10 Reasons to Visit Cambodia

Perhaps you might be wondering why tourists are mesmerized by Cambodia’s charm every time they visit this erstwhile French colony. To answer your question, here are ten compelling reasons why visit Cambodia.

Visit the Temples

Cambodia is known for its ancient ruins and temples such as the Angkor Wat Temple, the Baphoun Temple, the Banteay Srei temple, Bayon, the royal monastery of Ta Prohm and Preah Khan. You may also visit the temple of Prasat Kravan which is famous for its five towers inlaid with red bricks; the temple of Banteay Kdei in the Angkor Archaeological Park, and the Srah Srang and the Angkor Thom south gate.

cambodia-reasonsAttend a Cooking Tour

Learn the art of cooking Khmer dishes in a matter of 4 hours and familiarize with Cambodian cooking ingredients and the traditional way of preparing them. It is a rare opportunity to visit the countryside and meet the local people. Tourists enjoy most of their time in the cooking tour using firewood and makeshift stove. You will also tour the market, see the fresh farm products and talk to the vendors.

Enjoy a Golf Holiday

Cambodia is proud of its international standard golf courses at the Phokeethra Country Club, and the Nick Faldo-inspired Angkor Golf Course. Another golfing alternative is the Siem Reap Booyoung Country Club, the Cambodia Golf and Country Club, the City Golf of Cambodia, and the Garden City Golf Club. During the tour, you will be exposed to the techniques in playing golf and relaxation at the clubhouse with meals.

Visit Historic Sites

Learn the story behind the genocide during the Khmer Rouge regime by visiting the Choeung Ek Killing Fields, the Genocide Museum, the War and Cambodia Museums. These sites offer extensive learning tool for history students and teachers. Photos about the torture and extermination of the innocent people and children are displayed. The tour will familiarize you about the Khmer Rouge leadership and the damage it had done to its people and the entire nation.

Have a River Cruise Tour

Explore the beauty of Cambodia’s lowland and uplands of having a river cruise along the Tonle Sap and the Mekong River. On board the cruise, you will truly appreciate its natural beauty. Feast your eyes on the floating villages, the floating markets and the French colonial buildings that dot the river bank, enjoy a variety of Khmer dishes on board and meet new friends and share your experience.

Swimming and Snorkeling

Cambodia boasts of its long coastline teemed with white sand beaches. Why not visit the Koh Rong Island and dip your body in the cool waters of the Southwestern Beach, and the placid Long Set Beach. On Koh Rong Saloem is the famous Lazy Beach which is ideal for sun tanning. At the Ream National Park, you will be amazed at the beauty of Koh Thmei Beach and the Sokha Beach in Sihanoukville.

Enjoy Cycling Tour

Cycling tours are offered to tourists who love to tour around the city and the provincial areas using a rented bike. Along the course of the cycling tour, you will have the chance to take some photos, enjoy the local dishes and meet fellow tourists while visiting the temples and ruins in the country. The tour will take you to different historical sites, museums and the countryside down to the coastal areas.

Spend a Full-Day Birdwatching Tour

The Birdwatching tour is not only focused on visiting the bird sanctuary at the Preak Toal village, but you will also see a variety of birdlife of different species. The tour is your opportunity to cruise the Tonle Sap and the Prek Toal Biosphere Reserve. While on board, you will be treated with delectable dishes and a tour to the Chhong Kneas fishing village before heading back to Siem Reap.

Have Fun with Flight Tours & Hot Air Balloons

If you love flying you can book for a helicopter or a hot air balloon tour which allows you to see the panoramic view of Cambodia’s mountains and coastline. While hovering in the sky, you will be able to see the bird’s eye view of the archaeological parks, national parks, historical sites, temples, ancient and modern buildings. The tour package is inclusive with meals, pick up and drop off.

Savor Khmer Dishes on Street Food Tour

Like its Asian neighbors, Cambodia is proud of its dishes cooked in traditional way as well as served by restaurants that abound in the city of Phnom Penh. Give yourself a chance by savoring the taste of exotic dishes concocted to stir your gastronomic taste such as fried ants, spider, or grilled snake and a lot more. The tour includes a visit to the wet market, and tour in the city.