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Phnom Penh Fashion Shopping

Cambodia is a place where fashion design is of a high standard and there are plenty of designers and boutiques offering the best there is in haute couture. Ranging from cotton dresses and bags by Sisowath Quay right next to our hotel, to more casual wear like the designs offered by Wanderlust, there is something to be found to suit anyone's taste. SCT (Sar Cantho) is based in Phnom Penh and has made a business of dressing locals as well as expats. Their clothing range offers garments that can be worn at any occasion and finding a completely new wardrobe is an easy task when choosing from their range. Luxurious Cambodian silk clothing is one of the focal points of the Eric Raisina label. The Cambodia fashion week exhibition features Cambodia-based designers as well as labels from abroad.

phnom penh-fashionKeoK'jay in Phnom Penh is the name of a fashion label with a conscience. Stylish fair-trade designs feature in every new collection released by the label based in Phnom Penh. Providing a work place for HIV-positive women Keok'jay has not only been praised for its great garments but also for its sustainability and women-empowering ethics. The label has received much praise for its awareness-raising campaigns.

Elsewhere is a fashion label offering the best there is in classic designs that will be part of your wardrobe for a very long time. Quality garments are made from the best fabrics and designs are long lasting. Last but certainly not least, check out Jasmine Boutique for feminine dresses and garments with a sensual touch. You will not be able to leave empty handed. Alley West and Pub Street are good places to start your fashion hunt. Here you will find many of the labels mentioned. Prepare for a fun day of fashion shopping and make the most of what's on offer in Phnom Penh to return home with some great new pieces and a lasting reminder of your trip. Cambodian designer wear made from cotton or linen can serve as great summer wear if you live in a less exotic location.

There are plenty of women's fashion stores in Phnom Penh, carrying European style clothing and brands. Wexport, with shops spread across Phnom Penh, carries brands such as Levis and H&M as well as Banana Republic. The shop at Sihanouk Boulevard offers the most colorful items marketed by these brands. Another option is to have clothing tailor made in Phnom Penh. Make sure to bring a clear design and your fabric of choice and visit one of the many tailor shops, where most items can be made for you in only a few days. If you are visiting Phnom Penh it can be a good idea to bring that favorite evening dress and have it replicated in another fabric. Make sure to discuss options and designs before ordering your garments!

Phnom Penh has a lot in store for any dedicated fashion shopper. Combine more traditionally designed items with designer wear to create your own modern look and bring a little bit of Cambodia back home with you.