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Playing Golf In Phnom Penh Cambodia


Playing golf in Phnom Penh is possible in a wide number of locations. The amazing surroundings and flora of the region adds to the design of the courses and helps to create a relaxing game experience. Taking a break from the busy city is easy amidst the green courses of a quality golf club, with a relaxing atmosphere making it possible to fully focus on the game.

The Quay hotel provide a number of golf and stay packages in from our luxurious Quay Hotel in the heart of the city. 


One of the best known golf clubs is the Royal Cambodia Phnom Penh Golf Club. The club has a popular course (18 holes) that is frequented by the local dignitaries.  The Royal Cambodia course is situated in wetlands and the surroundings help you forget how close you really are to the city. This club can be found at an 8km distance from the international airport, making it a great option for an after-flight visit to stretch the legs. There are four tees per hole suitable for all player skill levels. This is an easy to reach golf course for a game during a busy day, offering plenty of challenges for an enjoyable game and some fresh air.

The Siem Reap Booyoung Country Club is an international standard course and is situated close to Angkor Wat. The club proudly features a course designed by Japanese architect Kentaro Sato, lined with palms and opulent flora. The lawns are pristine and the course is immaculate at all times. On top of the best game conditions, the club has sauna facilities and a restaurant specialized in Korean cuisine of the highest standard. The course features five tees on each hole to choose from.

The Angkor Gold Resort at Siem Reap was designed by Nick Faldo and opened in 2008. This golf resort is considered to be the best course in Cambodia and is kept in a great condition at all times, offering great views and impressive greenery. The course is a challenging one, with water hazards and bunkers obstructing the course, posing a real challenge for any player. Those who enjoy a great game of golf should visit this course at least once to make the most of the course and the facilities presented at this fine golf club. Make the most of the possibility to practice your swing and end the day with a meal in the tastefully decorated restaurant belonging to the resort.
The Grand Phnom Penh International City is the largest and latest township development in Phnom Penh, situated at about a 20 minute drive from the bustling city center. The Grand Phnom Penh Golf Club is part of the township. The golf course has been designed and developed by Nicklaus Design and features an 18 hole golf course with plenty of challenges at every hole. The designers responsible for this course are considered to be the best in the world. This shows in their designs for over 340 courses. There are luxurious locker rooms for personal belongings as well as a VIP room, a restaurant and a spa and sauna to relax in after a game of golf.