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The Best first class flights to Cambodia and Bangkok

first class flights to cambodiaAsiana airlines offers the best there when it comes to on-board luxury, privacy and service. There is a first class service and a first suite class option for passengers who wish to travel in comfort. Most of their B777 aircraft are fitted with perfect amenities for the luxury traveller. There is a 210 cm long full flat bed to relax on and you can create your own space by closing the doors on your two door seat. The result is an exclusive space just for you. The star lighting system enables you to adjust the lighting to suit your mood and needs. Individual passengers can enjoy the worlds largest on board 32in screens, perfect for your own entertainment. Enjoy a drink from your personal mini bar and enjoy a chat or your dinner with a companion with the comfortable side seats.

Korean air, also offering flights to Cambodia, offers Kosmo suites to first class VIP passengers. Your seat folds into a full bed and a 23in screen provides you with first class on board entertainment. There are private offices on board and you may expect the comfort found in a 5 star hotel. Traveling with these airlines is a great choice if you want to be able to work, relax and enjoy fine dining and rest on your flight to Cambodia.

The best first class flights to Bangkok are offered by airlines such as United, American Airlines and Thai Air. If you prefer to travel to Bangkok with a transfer to Cambia, Bangkok Airways and Cambodia Air offer excellent first class seats. American Airlines offers two types of first class comfort; depending on your destination you will be traveling in Flagship Suite first class or Domestic first class. The Flagship Suite offers privacy by the use of dividers and swivel seats, making it easy and comfortable to have meetings during your flight. There is a six foot fully flat seat with drop down armrests to help create a great sleeping space. Of course you may expect gourmet meals and snacks on board as well as a wide range of drinks to choose from during your flight. The Flagship Suite first class is available on American Airlines boeing 777 aircraft.

If you are traveling to Cambodia or Bangkok is is worth investing in the luxury of a first class seat. The benefits go further than just having more leg room and you have the option to enjoy a good rest during your trip. Use your flight time by doing business or by holding meetings, and relax before you touch down at your destination. After arriving at the airport you can choose from a wide range of options when it comes to transport. Hire a chauffeur driven car or drive yourself, or use a shuttle bus or train connection to get to your next destination. Depending on your airline of choice, your airline may offer a transfer at the airport so that you can continue your journey in comfort and luxury. The Quay hotel offers a shuttle service that can be booked if you use our own booking form. Click on the button at the top of the screen to check room availability and you will see the option when it comes to confirming your reservation.