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The best golf club brands in the world

Choosing the best golf clubs to play with is a matter of comparing the best club manufacturers. There is a big difference between club brands, and the steel used in the manufacturing process and the handle fit, to name but a few factors, can make a certain club your favorite to play with. The five best golf club brands have something to offer to both the amateur as well as the professional player. These clubs are often used in tournaments with great results.

Taylor Made, founded in 1979, has made a great name for itself in the world of golf club brands. The founder and owner of the company Gary Adams, was the first manufacturer to introduce the use of metal woods in clubs. Taylor Made creates woods with a new technology called FCT. Flight Control Technology makes it easier for players to shape their shots because multidimensional adjustments can be made to the R9 metal woods produced by Taylor Made. The brand is often used by professionals such as Paula Creamer, PGA champion Martin Kaymer and Dustin Johnson.

bermuda-golf-1The Callaway company was founded with the wine selling profits made by Ely Callaway. With the money he bought Hickory Stick, a club manufacturer. The brand grew stronger and stronger and is now known as one of the biggest brands in golf. Callaway has branched out into other golf related products such as apparel, golf balls and the well known Odyssey putters. Callaway is a golf club brand used by big names such as Ernie Els and Phil Mickelson.

One of the best known golf brands today is Ping. The company name was inspired by the sound made by the original putter when it was struck. The clubs manufactured by Ping are known to leave a large sweet spot. The best selling Ping Eye 2 club was made with a square club face with grooves, manufactured from 1985 to 1989. The groove format of this club has been ruled as illegal on the PGA tour and no square grooved clubs are manufactured anymore nowadays. The Ping club brand is often used by long hitters such as Hunter Mahan and Bubba Watson, and the brand is a PGA favorite.

The Mizuno company manufactures irons, woods, putters and hybrids, as well as apparel. Mizuno prides itself on creating products of the highest standard and quality. The company was involved in the Japanese Olympics; the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, the Sapporo Winter Olympics in 1972 and the Winter Olympics in Nagano in 1998. Mizuno is a very popular brand used by experienced players.

Nike produces quality golf clubs and the range starts with the slingshot clubs that are considered to be great for beginners as well as seasoned players. With iron to sand wedges and the specially developed Slingshot cavity back, the clubs are easy to handle and provide a steady shot. Of course Tiger Woods has done a lot to make the world see Nike as a club brand to be reckoned with.