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The Best Wines In Phnom Penh - 2012

Choosing the best wine that suites your own taste is a difficult task. Whether you are looking for a specific wine to accompany a certain dish, a dessert wine or a wine that is easy on the pallet and can be enjoyed in any situation, there are many quality wines on the market. In 2012 over 15,500 wines were tasted by a tasting panel, deciding on the best 100 wines from around the world. The Enthusiast 100 wine selection focuses on quality wines judged on regions, uniqueness and drinkability. Wines can be judged on many factors but selected wines all have to have that certain X-factor. There is no difference made between established and new wine producers or specific factors when it comes to wine regions. The average price of a bottle of wine is $46, which is only $2 more than in the year 2011. The selection makes a great starting point for those who are interested in fine wines, but simply do not have the time or the knowledge to explore all the available top wines to find that right one to drink for a specific occasion.

Best wines 2012The Riglos 2009 Gran Corte Las Divas Vineyard Red was chosen as the best wine in 2012. This light wine features the aroma of blackberries, espresso and black spices and consists of a blend of Malbec and Cabernet.

The Domaine de Cause 2009 La Lande Cavagnac Malbec (Cahors) is a dark and rich Malbec wine. Made from old vine grapes this wine combines a concentrated flavor with a considerable amount of tannins and should be allowed to age for seven years.

The third selected wine is the Failla 2010 Estate Vineyard Chardonnay from the Sonoma Coast.

This exceptional wine with a good acidity level features tones of green apples and sweet pears, citrus and honey and is a true taste sensation. This wine is easy on the pallet and can be combined with a light dinner or can even be considered as a dessert wine with a selection of cheeses at the end of your evening.

The Casanova di Neri 2007 Tenuta Nuova Sangiovese Grosso (Brunello di Montalcino) offers a very rich and opulent flavor. With heavy rich tones of cherry, chocolate and leather this deep wine is a true conversation piece.

The fifth best wine is the Merry Edwards 2009 Klopp Ranch Pinot Noir (Russian River Valley). This rich wine offers tones of black tea and orange, pomegranates and biscotti as well as cloves, pepper and cinnamon. With a silky taste and pronounced tannins this wine holds an excellent fifth place in the selection of best wines for 2012.

There is no better excuse to buy and taste great wines than this top five list of wines that can be obtained from quality wine sellers around the world, or can be ordered on the internet. The Estate Vineyard Chardonnay from this selection is considered to be one of the best wines to taste for a first time wine buyer.