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Ecological elegance

Ecological elegance

As you step from the vibrant riverfront of Phnom Penh along the banks of the Tonle Sap, prepare yourself for a fusion of innovation and tranquility.

As you enter the calming ethereal design of the lobby, you immerse yourself in form and comfort. From the start, your stay at this minimalist 16-room hideaway is urbane and relaxed. Consider yourself home at The Quay.

Social and the environmental dovetail with refined design of The Quay. As you sip a finely crafted espresso or a tea steeped to perfection, reflect on current global concerns about the rapid consumption of non-renewable resources or take it all in stride.

After pausing a moment to take in your surroundings, you are pleased to see that every area is inviting.

Curvaceous Swan chairs, original art works and historic photographs all grace your presence. As you ascend to your suite, you find The Quay's spaces infused with aromatherapy and accented with lustrous Cambodian silk textiles. Rooms are intention-designed, as you soon discover; they are spacious yet intimate.

As you settle in to yours, enjoy the ease of accessibility with WiFi, laptops and flat-screen televisions all at your disposal.

Or perhaps choose to release the cares of your day with natural spa products while soaking in the undulating bath. The option is yours. As you peruse a novel resting in the Arne Jacobson furnishings or drift to sleep on the Minotto bed, you will sleep easy knowing your luxurious stay integrates seamlessly refined aesthetics and environmental ethics.