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intelligent indulgence

Take the morning to relax or to plan your day as you gaze out the window at the historic riverfront below and savour a revitalizing juice blend.


Order from The Quay's restaurant in the comfort of your room or dine in the stylish and laidback environs of Chow Restaurant.

The Quay's restaurant presents you with a menu of delectable Asian-fusion dishes to suit your tastes and desires. With each delicious bite, take a moment to contemplate your commitment to luxury and environmental sustainability; your role is essential and effortless.

After you enjoy a meal at Chow, choose to watch the world from the roof terrace or to indulge in a luxurious spa treatment. You let tension melt away with each passing moment knowing the conscientious of your decision puts you in a select crowd. The rejuvenating treatment progresses while you decide where to begin your day. As you do, you are aware of what sets you apart staying at The Quay.

At The Quay, your actions make the statement. With this in mind, take the day either to explore Phnom Penh or to get some well-deserved rest. Either way, you are aware of what your preference for The Quay means. A stay at this intention-designed and ecological innovative boutique hotel highlights you as chic, concerned and entirely unique.