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A coolly stylish but surprisingly cosy cocoon in Phnom Penh

Step into the crumbling, sweltering, diesel-fumed chaos of Phnom Penh - and step right out again.

The Quay is how modern Asians feel they ought to live, all slick, smooth, minimal surfaces, vast LCD TVs, everything recessed, and no hint at where in the world you might be. There's not a shape in sight here that isn't ergonomic, from the inflatable-looking ceiling fans to the Arne Jacobson bucket seats, and not a vase placed anywhere without at least 2 same-but-different sisters to keep it fashionable company. The little rooftop bar alone has generated more pages in regional style magazines than the whole of the rest of Cambodia taken together. Stars have posed here, and not just the once.

SOURCE: Tatler: Phnom Penh hotels